Take care of US citizens!

Comment: Whatever happened to helping United State Citizens! Our Social Services Department is a Joke. Believe me people in order to receive help you can be a ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and receive any and all services no questions of legal status. You can own a $500,000.00 home and receive any and all services. But if you OWN a car worth more than $2,000 you are screwed blue and tattooed. A car is a necessity no matter what the value Not according to Social Services.

PLEASE explain how any and all ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are being supported by Welfare before UNITED STATE CITIZENS. How WRONG is this.

Thank You for your time and prompt response


Response: I am afraid that I cannot explain why illegal immigrants get government services (other than the meals and living quarters they would get if incarcerated). The ComingTogether Plan does not support any benefits for illegal immigrants. In fact, the plan provides only a few benefits for immigrants who are here legally. Our perspective sees the United States being a good host to non-citizens in an emergency, but reserving the vast majority of public assistance for those with full citizenship. This ensures equality and is also an incentive for immigrants to seek full citizenship.

Thank you for your support. It sounds like you are in total agreement with the ComingTogether Plan on this matter. I hope you will take the time to address this issue with your government representatives, and will point them to our plan as a solution to the problem you have recognized.

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