WE ARE AN EXPERIENCED CONSULTING SERVICE dedicated to improving profitability for our clients.

Information systems-  we analyze your requirements for cost-effective match-up with available hardware and software. We do custom computer programming in RPG, RPG ILE and Visual Basic for Applications, using Microsoft Office applications. We also handle website integration.

Statistics-  we provide forecasting, design and analysis of experiments (for Quality Improvement programs and for Research and Development), and analytical support for marketing departments or quality assurance programs.

Finance-  we perform forecasting and budgeting, business evaluation, cash management, credit management, estate or transition planning, and analysis for mergers and acquisitions.

Risk management-  we help you determine which risk should be handled using alternatives to insurance and, for the risks the client chooses to cover with insurance, comparison of insurance proposals.

Business communications-  we handle writing and research for business plans, advertising, newsletters, website design and website promotions.

Contact us for ideas on improving your profitability. Phone calls are handled in the U.S. Central Time Zone. You may also explain your needs by fax or e-mail. We are at your service.