DOSSIN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Inc. helps clients to make the most of Internet and World Wide Web technology. We have experience and capabilities in both the graphic and technical sides of website development. We create truly customized designs to meet clients' needs and goals. We handle the securing of domain names, finding the best service provider, and registering with search engines, but we do much more. As business consultants, we stay current with the latest progress in Internet strategies so that our advice to clients will provide them competitive advantage.

Visit the links below to see some of our recent online projects. (We have also worked on Intranet and customer service sites which, understandably, are private and not available for unsecured viewing.)



La Pacana Creek
General Contractors

This client is a general contractor with broad experience in steel buildings, metal roofing, residential and commercial construction. He chose this photo portfolio format to serve as his online brochure.
We designed and built this website.



Texstars, Inc.

This client is a manufacturer of specialty plastics, primarily for defense and transportation industries. This is not our design, but we handled routine maintenance from 2001 to 2011. When Texstars became a subsidiary of Hampson Industries, we were chosen as web builders for the new site (published in 2008).
We also developed the website and integration with the ERP system for this client's customer service website (not visible to the public), and have done design/build work to create web-based tools for internal users.

Coming Together:
A Proposal for
Social Progress

This is a policy paper on welfare and tax reform.
We designed and built this website.


Living the Abundant
LifeŠ Ministry

This is the site of a family financial planning ministry which presents seminars and publishes study materials.
We designed and built this website.



Our client was a fulfillment company serving e-commerce businesses.
We did not design this site, but we provided programs and interfaces to connect the web server to the computer which runs the warehouse management and shipping software. See the Midrange Technology Showcase article discussing this project.
Uses of the World Wide Web continue to expand.

If you need help with Internet, Intranet, or other online capabilities, please contact Dossin Business Solutions, Inc. via the phone, fax, or e-mail addresses below.