Elections 2012: One Nation, Indivisible?

OK, the election is over. The United States will have another two years of divided government at the Federal level. Will anything get done? Or, will the elected leaders keep kicking the can down the road? The concession speeches talked about ComingTogether to move forward. Can this happen after such a negative campaign?

We hope so. It will take focusing on the principles that are really important to the majority of Americans, things almost all can agree on, such as freedom and compassion. The ComingTogether Plan website proposes a plan, based upon those principles, to fix the problems with taxation, health care costs, Social Security, and welfare.

Almost everyone agrees that the tax structure is unfair and too complicated. The ComingTogether Plan proposes taxing all income at the source and at the same rate. What could be more fair? What could be more efficient?

Why should we impede a willing employer from hiring a willing worker? The ComingTogether Plan makes it easier for potential employers to hire potential employees.

And why should we discourage people on welfare from going to work? So often, little improvement in the standard of living is gained from working, compared to being on welfare, since government benefits are taken away. The ComingTogether Plan addresses that issue.

Like any compromise, everyone will probably find something they do not like about this plan. Almost every good thing in the world has costs. But I ask you to consider this: Would it not be worth the costs (however you see them) to get these United States moving in a positive direction, empowering our citizens to achieve greater success?

Please take a look at the ComingTogether Plan, and tell everyone you know about it, especially your elected leaders.

Thank you, and God bless America!

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